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Review of CSST (1996) Soil Matrix Derivation Approach and Related Policy Decisions


Volume I  SABCS Review and Recommendations for Revision of the CSST (1996) Procedures for the Derivation of Soil Quality Matrix Standards for Contaminated Sites

                      Volume II  SABCS Review and Recommendations for Revision of the
CSST (1996) Policy Decision Summary


Practitioners and others with interests in contaminated sites should be aware that this report has not been adopted in whole or in part by the Ministry of Environment of British Columbia. While every effort has been made to incorporate the best available science,  it should be used solely as scientific review and commentary by the reader and applied in practice solely at the readers discretion and responsibility. This disclaimer is consistent with SABCS policy

Request for Comment

The Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in British Columbia is soliciting comment on the documents which together constitute a report to the BC Ministry of Environment on recommendations for the revision of soil standards in British Columbia. Comments will be reviewed and compiled by the SABCS, and will be much appreciated.
Please send your comments to the Science Advisory Board for contaminated Sites by email or email attachment to Comments received by February 28, 2010 will be most useful in further refinement of this work. However comments at any time on SABCS work are always appreciated.


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